One of the topics that might seem a bit complex for beginner and even intermediate programmers is the crucial difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous programming. If you are confused by the abstract definitions and searching for a simpler explanation, well, then you are on the correct page. …

Handy Kurniawan, Tamazi Sepiashvili, Shumpei Morimoto (Github link)
Supervisor: Oriol Corcoll Andreu


At first glance, the title of the project might seem some sort of fantasy and for now an impossible topic to talk about. You are mostly right, but hey, have you heard about Reinforcement Learning? …

Tamazi Sepiashvili, Liina Anette Pärtel, Farid Hasanov, Fatima Gurbanova
Supervisor: Jaan Aru


With the drastic development of the field of AI, mankind was able to create a huge variety of tools and languages for the computer that allowed to communicate with humans. Despite all the effort, there are some problems…


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